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We are focused on one thing:
helping you become a PROFITABLE trader!

Using nothing more than high-level math, we quantitatively analyze over 2,000 stock symbols, and we do it in microseconds. Real-time quantitative analysis is the only thing that can give you an edge. If you're looking for that edge, you want QTURBO.

What is an "Edge" ?

An "edge" is the advantage others don't have, or don't know about.

There are only three ways you have an EDGE in the market:

1) You know something others don't.

2) Premium for taking risks, and the proper management of those risks.

3) High level mathematical formulas that find higher than average probabilities.

Everything else, INCLUDING INDICATORS, is just guessing!

Our Edges

Using deep market data and high level math we can pinpoint opportunities others miss.

 Unusual Option Activity

 Option Premium Anomalies

 Swing Trading Signals

 Trade Analysis

 Risk Mitigation


Why do MOST traders lose money? Because they use what DOESN'T work!

Unusual Option Activity

A completely legal way to know if potential insider activity is occurring. We watch ALL option trades, in real time, for large option transactions in short time frames.

Option Premium Anomalies

Real time scanning of market data reveals where the premium opportunites can be found.

Swing Trading Signals

We do 50,000 calculations on each stock we follow, EVERY day, and you get our Swing Trading Buy/Sell Signals every day.

Trade Analysis

Trading can get complicated quickly. Our trade analyzer shows you exactly where you are, and what you need to do, in order to end up with a profit. (This tool will save you $1,000s in mistakes you don't make!)

Risk Mitigation

Most traders trade with too much risk. Our formulas and strategies help remove most of it. If you aren't trading in a way that manages your risk, you WILL lose money. (Too many traders believe they have low risk ... until their account blows up.)

Trading Isn't Difficult

But, managing your emotions IS. Trading without an edge, or without a plan, makes it very difficult to be objective. ("Subjective" traders lose money!) We make things very simple, and easy to follow, but YOU have to bring the discipline.

Membership Pricing

Unusual Option Activity
$995/year $99/month
  • Others charge $3,000+/yr (for a few alerts)
  • We give you EVERY alert.
  • One of the Best Edges
  • See what the "smart money" is doing.
  • Activity in Real Time
Market Pricing Anomalies
$495/year $49/month
  • Real-Time Market Scanner
  • Option Premium Opportunies
  • 52 Week Highs & Lows
  • Volatility Plays
  • Must have for Option/Stock Traders
Swing Trading Signals
$495/year $49/month
  • High level mathematical formulas
  • High Probability swing trading signals
  • Buy & Sell Signals Daily
  • Covers over 2,000 Symbols
  • Must have for Swing Traders
Pro Trade Analysis
$595/year $59/month
  • Real Time Trade Analysis
  • This will save you $1,000s/year !
  • (In mistakes you WON'T make !)
  • Don't trade options without it!
  • Must have for ANY option strategy!
Risk Mitigation Set-Ups
$995/year $99/month
  • Risk Mitigation & Set-Ups &
  • Shows You the Best Set-Ups
  • High-Probability Trades
  • Both RMS Strategies Covered
  • * ONLY For Members Using the RMS Strategy
Ultimate Edge Bundle
$1,995/year $199/month
  • Unusal Option Activity & Pricing Anomalies &
  • Swing Trading Signals & Pro Trade Analysis
  • Must Have For Serious Traders
  • Also, Trade Setups for RMS *
  • * ONLY For Members Using the RMS Strategy
Small Account Strategy
  • Low Risk
  • Low Margin
  • Best For Small Accounts
  • Statistically Risk-Free
  • Trade Management / Tracking
Risk Mitigation Strategy 1
  • Our Favorite Strategy we trade most often.
  • Formulas and Setups we use.
  • How to manage profits and risk.
  • (These trades are statistically RISK FREE)
  • High Probability / Low-Risk Trading
Risk Mitigation Strategy 2
  • Our 2nd Favorite Strategy.
  • Formulas and Setups we use.
  • How to manage profits and risk.
  • (These trades are statistically RISK FREE)
  • High Probability / Low-Risk Trading


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